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Musion 3D Studios


Providing the most innovative entertainment medium to the biggest names around the globe, we offer world leading holographic content creation.

We have a team of experienced project managers, content creators, technical engineers, lighting consultants and network administrators ready for your idea. Our team offers energy and enthusiasm for bringing your amazing vision to the public. We are happy to consult on producing your holographic performance.

Alongside our in-house experts, we have tight relationships with a large network of creative agencies experienced in the magic of holograms. Some are the best in their respective industries.


Consultation on content, lighting and staging
Project management integration with other agencies and content teams
Post production expertise for correct projection
Full service content creation from brief to completion

Let us know your ideas and we will help to develop them.

Contact us for more information.

Let us know your vision and we can get to work. Even if you’re unsure what you want or whether it’s possible holographically, we’re happy to advise. Just drop us a line or if you’re a Musion TelePresence customer, speak to us as though we’re in the same room.

Contact us for more information.

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