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The newest MDH product is truly spectacular due to a technology that allows the audience be able to look from any angel and any environment, and keep the magic hidden and never reveal itself, while always keeping the content looking sharp and amazing.

The unit requires a minimal footprint, and sustains even brighter ambient lighting.

EyeMagic is a perfect large-scale solution for shop windows, exhibitions, fairs, marketing tool in every aspect of our life, be it at a hospital, airport, restaurant, shopping centre or your average school.

Recently seen at the Royal Academy of Arts during the London Fashion Week 2016, and on 5th Avenue for Polo Ralph Lauren.

EyeMagic is a premium product that would wow your audience in any and all spectrums of the business. EyeMagic comes in different sizes and is custom build to suit any purpose.

Technical Specification:
4k resolution display panel*
LED display based system (Portrait Orientation)*
Max Image dimensions 70cm x 110cm*
Max outside dimension 1.08mt x 1.95mt x 1.41mt*
13 amp power*
4 week production lead time*
1 year Warranty*

Disclaimer: All specifications provided on this document are subject to change*