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Eyeliner is the core of our technology, with its imagery often referred to as a hologram. A 21st century twist on a Victorian theatre trick, the Eyeliner utilises a technique called Peppers Ghost. The visual effect is created through our holographic projection system.

Famously used to bring back on stage the late rapper Tupac Shakur at Coachella festival, millions worldwide were wowed by the Tupac illusion.

Our specialist foil, invisible to the naked eye, is suspended across the stage, creating a life-like 3D image. Using clever lighting, the result is a convincing, realistic effect.

Eyeliner systems are tailor made – so let us know your vision. Together, we will create solutions that will truly captivate your audience.

Temporary installations

Extremely flexible, scalable and quick to install, Eyeliner will bring your event alive in any environment. From gigantic concerts to intimate holographic gigs, we can produce a setup that suits your needs.

Permanent installations

While more dynamic one-off events have their place, Eyeliner systems can be permanently installed around the world. The impact you create stays with you forever. Perfect for museums, visitor attractions, business communication, retail, point of sale – permanent Eyeliner installations can fit most locations, match any branding and bring your content to life.

Eyeliner technical specifications

A standard Eyeliner unit is 6m wide x 6m deep with 4.5m being the standard height. The unit can be designed as wide as you want, depending on your requirements. It is possible to provide a unit up to 8m high. Every Eyeliner setup is bespoke, so we recommend to give us a call if you need something outside our standard setup.

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