Award-winning holographic ballet performance


A mesmerising installation to celebrate the Mikhailovsky Ballet premiere of Swan Lake at The Coliseum, the home of English National Opera

As part of the Yota sponsored Mikhailovsky Ballet production of Swan Lake, we helped create a holographic installation that mesmerised the premiere after party held at 8 Northumberland, London. The installation comprised a specially shot life-size hologram of a prima ballerina, which eventually transformed into a 3D glass swan before scattering into a flurry of glittering butterflies. The installation’s animators, SquareZero, received a 2010 MAMA (Musion Academy Media Award) for its 3D animation and special effects work.

About the holographic ballet performance

The Russian mobile broadband services provider and smartphone manufacturer, Yota, likes to the push the boundaries when it comes to the visual presentation of its products and services. The brand’s sponsorship of the Mikhailovsky production of Swan Lake also represented an opportunity to position itself alongside a highly successful Russian export: ballet.

The resulting holographic installation was a truly mesmerising blend of Yota’s brand and prima ballerina performance, brought together using the kind of technological developments and capabilities the company wished to aligned itself with.

The installation was first shown at the premiere after party of the Mikhailovsky’s production, Swan Lake. Attended by a host of celebrities and industry insiders it captured the imagination and immediately positioned the Yota brand at the forefront of new tech.

Our technology used in the holographic ballet installation

Having specially filmed a prima ballerina, the SquareZero team added animation and effects, turning the dancer into a 3D glass swan before scattering the image into a flurry of glittering butterflies.

Laura Jean Healey was hired by us as a director of photography to light and shoot the ballerina. Our Eyeliner™ system was then used to project the ballerina’s hologram, creating a truly mesmerising experience.

Reactions to the holographic ballet dancer

To cap a truly successful installation, SquareZero won a MAMA award for their 3D animation and special effects work. Watch the team’s film of the holographic ballet dancer above.


3D holographic projection technology – Musion

3D animation and special effects – Squarezero

Photography and lighting – Musion/Laura Jean Healey

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