The Villages of Dubai South – Cityscape Global

The Villages of Dubai South – Cityscape Global

At Cityscape 2015, over the course of three days, the world’s foremost
real estate magnates, property developers, presented new visions in global property markets. As
signature installation the holographic presentation of The Villages of Dubai South, was not only
one of the fair’s largest installation, but also its most visited. In the presence of his highness,
Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the ground-breaking holographic showcase quickly
became one of the signature projects of Cityscape – unrivalled in scale.

On a panoramic projection stretching over 50m – on three holographic screen displays – with 22
projectors in total, this was a holographic projection like no other. Guiding viewers through the
story set in the Villages of Dubai South, MDH Hologram developed an 8-minute glimpse into the
future that was both emotionally captivating and truly inspirational.

Featuring a total cast of 45 people – involving 15 actors and over 30 extras, this highly
mesmerizing installation brought the future to life. Featuring photo-realistic 3D holograms and
impressive fly-throughs with larger than life architectural impressions, “The Villages”
presented key moments in the lives of future citizens of Dubai South. Together with one of the
world’s leading advertising agencies, Strawberry Frog, and the team from Duvent, “The Villages”
set new standards in creating fully immersive experiences.

Approximately 50,000 people attended Cityscape 2015, “The Villages of Dubai South” was not
only one of the biggest stands, but one of the key attractions of the entire event.

Merging visual effects, realistic and heart-warming interactions, captivating sound design, and a
gripping narration, “The Villages of Dubai South” attracted a constant stream of visitors with the
three holographic stages and a panorama stretching over unrivalled dimensions.

In just over 4 weeks, Duvent’s meticulous planning, along with Strawberry Frog’s conceptual
expertise, and MDH Hologram’s world class team, all jointly delivered a creative solution that can
only be regarded as a landmark event pointing to the future of city planning, architectural
visualization, a landmark event in 3D Holographic projection.

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