Kinetica 2017

Kinetica 2017


MDH Hologram and Studio Tangram present an EyeMagic at KINETICA Museum, London 17-19 of February 2017

During London’s fashion week, the digital Art world isn’t asleep either, as Kinetica celebrates its 10 year jubilee in partnership with MDH Hologram and Studio Tangram: With our newest product EyeMagic anyone can create their own music/sensation with a touch of an iPad. Here, you can become a music DJ that has ability of creating their own holographic musical band.

Kinetica is one of world’s best platforms for digital art that reaches a large audience of up to 10,000 people every year. For their 10-year anniversary show, an impressive array of the world’s top digital artists and most innovative technologies was presented, including MDH Hologram’s newest product addition – the EyeMagic.

As a flexible, plug-and play solution, EyeMagic is designed for ambient light conditions, an elegant holographic display, which never gives the trick away – Magic! An audience magnet at Kinetica Museum, EyeMagic combines intelligent design and perceptual artistry.

Showcasing over sixty artists, MDH & MusicJelly invited spectators to chose their own music composition. EyeMagic was transformed into a holographic jukebox with over 1 million combinations – instilling a sense of wonder in music connoisseurs, art aficionados, young audiences, families and the general public. A truly the most interactive holographic environment, the EyeMagic wowed audiences of all ages at the world’s foremost digital Art show.

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