Alfred Dunhill – Trafalgar

Alfred Dunhill

Trafalgar – the holographic fashion show to end all shows


Trafalgar was huge. In front of a 1,000 strong audience, 64 models stood on a virtual Trafalgar Square as the holographic seasons changed around them.

Luxury menswear brand Alfred Dunhill held the fashion show to end all shows at the Silver Hall, a 5,000-seat auditorium in Shanghai’s new Expo Centre. With a genuine Asian heritage, Dunhill enjoys unrivaled respect as a fashion brand in China and a privileged position amongst Chinese consumers who comprise 40 percent of its global sales. The brand opened its first location in Shanghai 20 years ago and operates more than 100 stores in the country. Trafalgar was its opportunity to present something dizzyingly sensational to such a loyal market.

About Trafalgar

Seven months in the making, Trafalgar’s high-concept presentation was undeniably the biggest event the esteemed London brand had ever done when it was shown in March 2012. The show’s concept was elegantly simple: the four seasons changing around the models, as their gentlemanly clothes subtly changed to suit the weather.

At once Trafalgar was an unprecedented celebration of all things British, delivered with debonair flair, something at the heart of the brand’s identity. Yet it was also a truly breathtaking amalgamation of culture, technology and, of course, fashion.

The music was an eclectic composition of classical English and Chinese – performed live by British violin virtuoso Charlie Siem and accompanied by a nine-piece Chinese orchestra. The 64 models, significantly, all Asian, albeit layered in the best of British tailoring and menswear.

And whilst most fashion shows follow a pretty rigid formula: models, runways and walking. Trafalgar was testament to the way fashion brands are discovering new ways to show their collections, often using digital technologies to create unexpected experiences.

Our technology in Trafalgar

To create the projection required a huge 28 x 8 meter double-sided screen onto which images were projected, with the 64 male models in the middle, 32 facing each way.

At the very heart of delivering Trafalgar’s concept was Musion patented foil, onto which whirring animated seasonal images were projected, seemingly enveloping the 64 models. The imagery incorporated everything from cherry blossoms at dawn to summer starlings at noon and autumn leaves at dusk.

The Musion team created all of the animated images alongside Absolute, with our Eyeliner™ system used to display the event’s magical holographic projection that circled the models and took the audience from spring to winter.

Reactions to Trafalgar

The sheer scale of the 12-minute show-stopping show, which was delivered to an audience of 1,000, is difficult to comprehend. But watch the film above to catch a glimpse into the sensational event.


Client – Alfred Dunhill

Content – Musion and Absolute

Holographic 3D projection – Musion

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